Shortcomings and goals for the future

We realize that we are still far from perfect and need to keep working to ensure a more sustainable future for pure by luce. We have some issues that we want to tackle in the future:

6.1 Microplastics

We are concerned about microplastics coming off garments during the washing process. Although working with recycled fibers is much more sustainable in terms of raw materials and use of energy, small plastic parts could still come off.

The smoothness of our fabrics already result in a minimal amount of plastic particles coming off while washing. We are planning to offer a washing bag that holds the small particles so they can be disposed properly.

6.2 Future Fabrics

While developing future collections, we keep looking for the most sustainable options. We want to keep learning and keep developing more sustainable garments. We are currently exploring the options of using other sustainable textiles in our collections.

6.3 Carbon emission due to transport

We only work with suppliers within Europe but would like to decrease the distance between our suppliers even more in order to decrease the carbon emission due to transport. Also shipping for e-commerce has an impact on our carbon footprint. We are looking into ways to find more sustainable shipping managers.