we know you care

Finished your workout? It’s the best feeling, right?! Breathe, hydrate and enjoy the endorphins... Take care of yourself but also of your activewear. You want to enjoy your beautiful apparel for a long time? Read our tips on how to take care of it.


        1. Don't throw your activewear on a pile! 

Wash it immediately if you can. If not, hang it up to dry before you’re ready to give it a wash. 
        2. Turn your clothing inside-out to protect your beautiful colors and prints.
        3. Wash on 30 degrees Celsius. Hotter will damage your activewear.
        4. Use a limited amount of detergent. You'd think the more the better, but the opposite is true. You won't be able to rinse all of the detergent and it will keep bacteria and dead skin cells in your activewear.
        5. Don't use fabric softener! It will keep undesirable odours stuck in the fabric.  Also, it may harm the lycra in your activewear.
        6. Do you find that some smells persist, even after a good wash? Soak the sportswear a few hours in a bucket with some vinegar. Just wash it again and the smell will be gone!
        7. Let it dry naturally, laying flat in the shade.