Use of energy

3.1 Warehouse and shipping facilities 

Our Belgian warehouse and shipping facilities run 100% on renewable energy. We generate solar energy from our own solar panels. Our furniture is made from recycled materials or second-hand.

3.2 Office and showroom

Our office and showroom are located at the ‘Circular South’ neighborhood in Antwerp, Belgium. The neighborhood is entirely built on the principles of sustainable use of energy, water, waste and materials. The Circular South is subsidized by the EU-project ‘Urban Innovative Action Fund’.

Our energy is 100% renewable and is provided by the supplier Ecopower. Ecopower is a cooperative enterprise by more than 50.000 owners. These are citizens that own renewable energy installations such as wind turbines, solar panels, small hydro-electric power stations and a factory producing wood pellets.

From January on, our water will be processed and cleaned by Waterlink. They will provide a gigantic water purification plant that converts used tap water into drinking water.

We decorate as much as possible with self-made and second-hand furniture or sustainable brands.