Feeling mixed-up? We've got you!

In times of the corona virus (COVID-19), we all feel a bit mixed-up. So we decided to share our 15 tips to help you find solid ground again. 

1. Take a break from reading, watching and listening to the news. Yes, this also includes the endless stream of social media messages.

2. Do you work from home? Hold tight to your normal working rhythm. Professional work, relaxing and domestic work can easily merge into one another. Stick to your normal working hours to keep some structure.

3. Take care of your body. Eat healthy and vary a lot. Your habits may be disrupted, but stick to your good eating habits (or improve them). Now you have some extra time to get original. Maybe find out more about tasty vegetarian or vegan dishes

4. Exercise! Even though your normal workout routine might be interrupted, be inventive and keep challenging your body. Home workouts are booming online. And very often, they're also free! We love those by The Brick AntwerpenSportclub Het Eiland or Yoga with Adriene.

5. Sleep. Even though your thoughts might be all over the place, try to get the right amount of sleep. Do you have difficulties to fall asleep? Try a meditation app like Headspace.

6. Get some fresh air. It's important to keep the air circulating. Don't feel trapped inside. Open your windows and doors in your house to keep the air clean. Sit on a balcony or in your garden if you have this possibility.  In Belgium, we can still get some fresh air, so take that opportunity and go for a ride on your bike or organise a running session.

7. Divide your home in different spaces depending on daily activities such as working, eating, sleeping and relaxing.

8. Allow yourself slow down. Sometimes this is a good thing. Think about the past year. What made you happy? What would you change if you could? Maybe this is your moment.

9. Social distancing doesn't equal social isolation! Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp... Call your loved ones and do it often. Some are using Google Hangouts to do huge group videocalls. Try it out!

10. Take care of your mental health. Do a meditation session from time to time and calm down. Talk about your feelings, do something you're good at.

11. Send cards / small gifts to people you care about. Online communication is quick and easy, but a physical reminder can bring a lot of joy. Check out this initiative: liefde in tijden van corona. They made postcards to send to your loved ones for free. How cute is this!

12. Find a new project. Redecorate. Find out how that camera really works. Let your creative self loose and paint, make something in clay or write. Blow that dust off your music instrument. Organize a homespa.

13. Get studying again. Always wanted to learn a new language? Maybe you might even start an online course to broaden your knowledge? Check edX for some valuable online courses.

14. Limit the Netflix bingewatching. Spend your screen time on quality movies and classics

15. Stay positive! Inform yourself about the facts but try to stay away from useless panicking & sensation-seeking people. Surround yourself with likeminded friends!